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Instead of using desktop software, an online Gantt chart maker such as Pincello may be a better solution for Mac users who need to regularly build, update and present project timelines or other visual plans to clients and executives. Accessible on both Mac and Windows, Pincello is a free web-based timeline maker that enables users to create unique project visuals and manage them straight in their browser, without having to install anything on their machines.

Besides making it easier for anyone to get started, an online application also allows professionals to adhere to IT department restrictions for installing new software or important updates. To start building Gantt charts, Mac users simply need to access the free timeline maker at https: Pincello will automatically generate a graphic out of the data, which can then be fully customized and updated online or shared with just a few clicks.

This can be a useful feature for Mac users, who often need to keep their plans in Excel because of compatibility issues with popular Windows-specific management and planning apps. Use this simple Excel plan template to see how easy it is to import spreadsheets into Pincello. The online tool comes with a series of elegant Gantt chart and timeline samples to serve as a starting point. These Gantt chart templates are fully editable and can be duplicated at the click of a button, so Mac users can easily update and reuse any design customizations they have made for future projects.

Being cloud-based, Pincello is easily accessible, allowing users to view and update their Gantt charts from anywhere and at any time.

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Anytime access enables professionals who travel often or have a business meeting off premises to make immediate changes or updates to their plan regardless of where they are. Project managers and business professionals need to regularly communicate their updated plans to the team or include them in important presentations.

To make it easy to share and present visuals created with Pincello, the tool enables professionals to download their Gantt charts and timelines in the format that fits them best: Open-source timeline maker with lots of different features and highly regarded as one of the most interactive free timeline creation tools. TimeGlider has some very interesting features that make it one of the most distinctive free timeline creation tools on the Internet. Another highly effective free timeline creation tool that gets the job done well.

Timelines are essential for teachers as they make content easy to follow and memorable. Free timeline creation tools are a powerful tool for teachers. When used creatively they can contribute significantly to the comprehension of a subject without any extra expenses. We use cookies in order to personalize your experience, display relevant advertising, offer social media sharing capabilities and analyze our website's performance. Read all about it in our cookie policy. Cookie Preferences Accept Cookies.

Top 9 Free and Paid Interactive Timeline Makers

Timeline makers. Timelines are often used for presenting events in a chronological order or demonstrating the stages of a particular process. The Internet is full of free tools that offer great and fancy features for timeline creation. Which ones are the best though? Listen to the audio version Continue listening Pause Stop. Best Free Timeline Creation Tools Timelines are an inarguably powerful visual tool that is widely used for educational purposes. Office Timeline One of the most professional looking free timeline creation tools on the Internet that you can also use to produce milestones and Gannt charts.

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MS Powerpoint Integration With its Powerpoint built-in feature it enables you to craft timelines and directly incorporate them into your Powerpoint slides. Customization It offers great space for customization and full modification of your designs to localize them for any audience. Sutori When we are talking about free timeline creation tools that make use of pictures and videos to produce powerful storytelling this is the king of kings.

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Great Combination Of Text And Pictures Particularly useful in the presentation of historical data or the succession of a series of events describing a specific era. Social Media Sharing Craft great timelines and share them directly with your network of friends on various social media such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Google Plus.

Desktop Timeline Software for Mac OSX and ChromeBooks

Audio And Video Embedding Sutori allows users to include audio and video files in their timelines for a more engaging and interactive experience. Features And Plans Customization Features You can contact the company directly and find out how you can customize various features to cater to the educational needs of your lessons and what pricing options you have. Storytelling At Its Best Not only can you include pictures, videos and text, but you can also specify their location on google maps and take storytelling to the next level.

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Easy Social Media Sharing Using MyHistro you are one click away from sharing all your meticulously put together timelines with your social media network on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. OurStory OurStory is mostly targeted towards personal use. Interactivity And Social Media Sharing Users can interact in the comments section or share their creations on social media networks.

Media-Rich Text, images, video comprise timelines that are interesting, descriptive and engaging. Collaborative Timelines Tag other people and go beyond personal timelines into making collaborative stories.

SmartDraw Cnet gave this timeline maker a 5-star rating and with good reason.