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I think maybe not. An sd-card could easily fit into a small usb-c reader, couldn't it? I have one of those for usb-a. That USB hub would be another thing to carry in the field, and to be assured it works fully, you'd likely need to have AC power for it. Nothing especially wrong with USB C, but it being exclusively used on a "pro" machine in is a few years early. Clearly a decision to reduce their production costs and to gain some additional profit from the inevitable adapters for sale. This comment is baffling to me. Apple is supposedly all about design and what they are telling us is that they could not be bothered to design an sd slot that did not stick out.

For their information, my Asus has a built in SD slot that does not stick out in any way.. It appears that Apple simply could not be bothered to make the sd slot into the body. And what about all those photographers that are in places that don't have wi fi or cell service such as parts of the Grand Canyon, Mount Rainier, or other remote parts of the world? Apple has made it clear-those folks should not buy Apple. Interesting reading. But kind of makes one wonder about the Apple management trade off reasoning; for example on the one hand they remove the mini head phone jack from their iPhone but retain it on their latest Pro laptop.

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While they removed the SD reader because the SD card stuck out, but have no problem selling the customer an expensive adapter that sticks out even further. The statement that they were surprised by the level of criticism shows a "Let them eat cake" level of corporate arrogance. While loyal die hard Apple customers will continue to defend Apple management choices i. Don't think that Apple was too generous with the headphone jack. They removed the digital capability of that jack and now it's a standard dumb headphone jack.

Apple products are typically best when they are mid cycle. Anytime their models start and towards the middle there's always pain to be had until they come to their senses and the market has time to follow them and fill in the holes. Why waste money on apple? Of the brands you mentioned which one would you recommend to hold up under daily use, frequent travel, and occasional weather exposure. Khairil: Your comment is ridiculously off-topic. Go troll somewhere else. The point of the article is obvious directed at folks who want to use a Mac. People who have made a decision -- for a collection of reason you apparently can't understand -- that they don't want to use Windows, for whom the cheapest laptop is not a feature.

The HP ZBook15, or They are expensive, more so than a MacBook Pro, but they have better screen options and more storage and RAM capacity. No internal optical drives. Various laptop workstations from Lenovo and Dell are very good, again not inexpensive. Some of those have optical drives. HP, Lenovo and Dell all offer serious support, as in warranty repair, at this level. All of these machines are designed to be worked on. The batteries are easy to remove. Except for the Lenovo versions, these laptops are listed on the websites of Dell and HP in separate "pro" or "industry" sections.

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Avoid Asus and Acer, they have inconsistent build, and more importantly horrid reputations for when things do go wrong. It is plainly clear that Apple Corp are courageous pioneers of a brave new, legacy free, world. Their heroic stand in driving peripheral manufacturers to get with the One True Program will go down in History as a watershed of technological progress.

Anyone who disagrees with any part of this profound pronouncement is, ipso facto, a stupid ignoramous. Your Welcome! It's not futile; I'll buy an HP laptop with all the ports I need; and go on holiday with the money I save. Look Sinorita No dongles!!!! The ghost of Steve Jobs weeps at how easily his people are led from the Path of Righteousness.

These dongles aren't going to fondle themselves, Chadly lad!

Expanding Storage (SD Memory) Hack via SD Card for Apple Macbook Pro

Give up this foolishness and come in for the Big Win! Fondle your dongles for the ignoramuses, o People of the True Program, so that the heretics may see the light and get at least some sense of humour. In Jobs we trust! Some alternative spellings of the key word: Ignore a mouse Ignorant moose Ignant motifoti. Chadley Lad: yet here you are taking time out of your, no doubt, busy day to respond to my hilarious witticisms.

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And with what? Cliched phrases which reflect nothing useful. I have heard that there are people who claim to want a conversation to end, but they won't stop talking. Do you care for a test of endurance? You've already exhausted your wit! Apples definition of legacy is things I own and want to use.

Their definition of mainstream is things they want me to buy. The guy said come and have a look at this! A Leica lens and a Tokina lens both stripped down, we looked he smiled I laughed, they were both exactly the same inside. My two think pads have nice keyboards, but stopped working properly far too soon, and regularly had difficulty connecting with wi-fi where they had worked for weeks without a problem.

If you have an older Mac, don’t forget about the SD Card slot

Not that my Macs have never had a problem, but the Apple Store has been there to work through it with me for free. Meanwhile Microsoft is offering computers withscreens just for photographers and graphic artists at substantially less than Apple. I'm voting with my wallet. Isn't it high time Apple users told Apple what they think about this move by not buying this crippled machine? Or are the Apple sheep really up to their reputation? Any bets? Drop the childish flaming of insults. Did it ever occur to you that not everyone feels the same as you do about Apple's computers? So funny the mentality some people have here.

You know it's quite funny. I have been asking my friends and clients about how much they use their laptops and how much they need various build-in connectors, like usb or sd. And also how much inconvenient it would be for them to use additional reduction dongles. About a half of people I asked, about 15 altogether today, will go on inquiring over the week use laptops only as they are.

A quarter use sd either from camera or as a memory extender, and a half use usb for whatever reasons, like external drives or other devices, like printers, internet gsm dongles, thumb drives or various other things. One of them told me they use an external wifi antenna dongle to reach a bit faraway wifi router, but it is a rather specialist use, I admit.

Now, that's a lot of stuff to be connected, isn't it? Or isn't it? And as for dongle reductions, about half of them told if they need it for only one device, they can basically leave it on that device, whynot. The other half said that it's absurd Then why are you here? Just to hate on Apple? Very productive and "intelligent" of you. HenryDJP so you mean that only positive comments are allowed? Especially under such article like this one? On the other hand, using your own logic, accepting any BS any company throws at you not only Apple, there are many examples and rejecting any negative feedback is about as "intelligent" of you as you claimed.

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Now imagine if you will that there really are people who want to use Apple laptops like they used to, including built-in SD port, like basically in any other Windows laptop you can find. Take a camera, take a shot, three, ten, pop up the card, insert into the laptop to move fast and edit the raw file And now please imagine that while there are people who are fine with dongles and reductions, there also are people who are more than fine with built-in ports and do not need any clumsy dongles or adapters.

You were hurling insults calling people sheep if we buy in to Apple. That's not a normal negative comment that's just plain rude and unnecessary and trolling. And if you could read, but you obviously can't, I wasn't referring to you in terms of the "intelligent" comment.

If it's not directed to you don't reply quoting me. I think it's time to get a moderator involved. A lot of rude people here hurling insults and trolling. To my opinion, Apple is going the wrong way! Who controls the the development? Geuss they never had the need to import pictures from a serious cam.

Macbook pro memory slot

For shure they don't care about the needs of photoraphers! Maybe the "PRO" stands for prohibited No, i didn't read a 1, comments but enough to realize the prevailing theme is not one of praise.

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That is the "low-down" future plan?