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It works on Mac, Linux, and Windows. Enter the connection settings for your Icloud. Mailspring is a full email client and allows you to check your Icloud.

Your email should be displayed in a few minutes. When composing an email in Mailspring, check these icons in the composer to enable read receipts and link tracking. That's all you need to do!

  • Enable this hidden feature using Terminal;
  • Track opens and clicks on emails you send through!
  • Request or return a read receipt.
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When your emails are read or links are clicked, you'll see notifications in the top left of the main window. Disposition-Notification-To This asks for what you did with the email.

Read receipts – to enable them or to disable them

Mojave gives you some options. I'd display what you have then delete it. As far as I know, you cannot change how mail responds inbound "Return-Receipt-To". Mail will always echo back your message to the sender.

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Read Receipts Beta

You can control how mail responds to "Disposition-Notification-To" via commands or an app. To view existing UserHeaders enter the following Terminal. Via the free Mail Receipt macOS app. Sign up to join this community.

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Get Notifications When Your Messages Are Read in macOS Mail

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Mailbutler is an extension available for Apple Mail and Gmail. To get started, sign up for a free account , and you will automatically begin your trial.

Request or return a read receipt - Gmail Help

Check out this quick start guide on how to set up Mailbutler, or contact us if you have any questions. With Mailbutler, you'll never let any opportunity slip through the cracks! Easily get read receipts for all your emails delivered to you real time. How can I find out if someone clicked on my email link with Mailbutler's email tracker?

Apart from open tracking, Mailbutler also lets you track email links. Gain insight on how your recipients are actually interacting with your email. Link Tracking allows you to see when, on which device, and how many times the recipient clicked on a link or file in your email. What else can I track in my emails with Mailbutler to improve my communication?

Mailbutler also gives you valuable Tracking Details to help you better plan your next steps. Check out what Tracking Details offers. Absolutely not, your privacy is preserved and protected.

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Unlike many email tracking softwares, Mailbutler does not route your emails through external servers, which risk data leaks and insecured connections. Mailbutler is an all-in-one productivity extension tool for your email client. At the moment Mailbutler supports Apple Mail and Gmail.