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[Solved] Can't Rip Beachbody Insanity Workout DVDs or Other Exercise DVDs?

When it comes to fitness, which seems to me a natural fit for the TV, the selection is sparse. But still, I was sure at least one Apple TV app would have what I was looking for: a cheap way to stay in shape. My criteria for a must-use fitness app: High-quality workout videos of varying lengths and forms of exercise, so I can do a minutes Pilates mat class or a minute strength-training session, or both if I want to, at an affordable price.

A free trial is also important, so I can make sure I like what the app has to offer before committing to a subscription. I chose five apps that met at least some of my criteria, the most important being the variety and quality of workout videos at a decent price point. Zova has a lot going for it.

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It was one of the first tvOS fitness apps and came recommended by Apple. Zova also offers tons of free video content, and even has Apple Watch integration so you can see your heart rate on your TV screen as you work out. You just watch a fitness model demonstrate each move wordlessly.

Convert Beachbody DVDs to MP4 MOV etc. without "Won't Play" Issue

The soundtrack is the same uptempo instrumental no matter which video you watch, so a slow stretch session gets the same musical treatment that a cardio workout does. Grokker is a yoga-leaning app that also serves up nutritional plans and cooking videos. That Pilates class did the trick, though—my muscles throbbed in pain for a full two days afterward. DailyBurn is the old faithful of streaming workout services. Wherever you go, DailyBurn will be there. Its videos are Beachbody-esque, but with less intense options for beginners, plus yoga and Pilates programs.

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You can filter workouts by difficulty, length, or program type. I did the Pilates Phase One series and found it to be almost as instructionally helpful as an in-person Pilates class can be, with tips on posture and ways to modify exercises to make them easier or harder. Say you want to do a day Pilates Slimdown program. However, after ripping the track suggested by this program, or several of the other 40 minute tracks, the video comes up out of order: meaning that when I play it, it acts like it is skipping around to scenes that were patches into the video out of order.

Has anyone successfully ripped DVDs of this nature? If so, can you suggest a software?

‎Beachbody® On Demand on the App Store

Or am I missing a codec or something? VLC plays them fine, but it takes almost 5 full minutes for it to load any of these DVDs, I assume because it is scanning all 99 tracks and finding the right one.


Have you tried dvdfab decrypter or anydvd in windows? What Baldrick said is right, but to provide a technical explanation since your few posts indicate you don't participate here much and probably don't know this What you are seeing is known as "bad sector copy protection". Some of the studios started using this about 5 or so years ago. The main ripping program at the time was DVD Decrypter and the author was given a choice of abandoning his program permanently or facing potentially ruinous litigation in the US legal system that had consistently ruled against every decryption program that had faced a legal challenge.

He dropped the program. Basically PCs do a sector by sector method of ripping DVDs, so deliberately bad information was placed on the disc and invalid TOC Table Of Contents entries were created for the disc so that the old ripping programs would show crazy things like a large number of tracks you see this in your ripping or an impossible amount of data on the disc ie.

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Nobody takes Handbrake seriously as a ripping program. Since this kind of bad sector nonsense is rarely done outside of the US and Canada and Handbrake is written by French people, Handbrake works fine for ripping the vast majority of DVDs made outside of North America. Looks like your discs use some variation there are many on the bad sector copy protection and nothing under Linux can handle it. There is a free version of DVDFab if you want to try it, but be warned that it trails the commercial one by 6 months so if your DVDs are newly made there is always some chance that the free DVDFab can't rip them correctly.

Thanks for all of that info. I knew it was abandoned and I heard it was due to legal issues, but I didn't have any further details. Thanks for sharing. Like you said, it is likely because I don't have the full version. Between it and AnyDVD , which is more supported, updated, reliable, in your opinions? One thing you can do with these DVDs that seem to have a lot of titlesets is to play them in a standard DVD player or software DVD player and the on screen display will tell you which titleset is the real one.

I had to do that once in a while back in the ' rip-itme ' days.

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It works!!! Check it out. Not sure why the others didn't, but this one did. Always good to have several ripping programs. And yes, I got the full discs backed up. It Started In Texas. Originally Posted by V Bot. AnyDVD is the best that I've used or you can try Isobuster also which allows you to pull the files quickly. Originally Posted by Holdemchick. Replies: 4 Last Post: 22nd Mar , Help in DVD Ripping? By itsjamesd in forum Mac.

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