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Access Essential Training with David Rivers. This project is commonly led by: Thank you to take into account the following points, countless installation problems which are reported to us concern the points listed below:. Since version COL 2.

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The way Latin words are written depends indeed on local habits, choices made for a particular project, or the scholar's field of study. Likewise, some conventions impose to keep the letters j and v, whereas others impose to transcribe them as, respectively, i and u. See the corresponding dialogue box here. Use the Microsoft Word interface to do so.

Here is a snapshot of a good configuration. The WebEx demonstrations also show how to setup the user dictionary. You will have to run at the command line setLa2K. You can have a look to the messages on our dedicated forum [en] in case of trouble.

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May you have any question, please contact us at: You can use this file as a test to get in touch with the spell checker, or another one here. The WebEx demo: This approach offers two advantages compared to using the Spotlight Exclude list mentioned before here:. Outlook now uses a sqlite3 databases for its identity just like Mail. While there is very little we can run from the app itself in terms of maintenance or troubleshooting, in theory we should be able to tap straight into the database through sqlite3 itself. You need to backup the three files:.

In theory, Outlook should detect issues and automatically attempt to fix them, but there are been reports in the forums of identity failures and users no longer able to open up their identities. I figured that the same should apply to Outlook too. No problem within Outlook whatsoever on my Mac, but who knows… hence the very very strong suggestion to make a backup. You can vacuum the database using: Outlook 15 allows you to display the weather in the calendar for various locations. Unfortunately, even though adding cities to the list there is trivial, deleting the locations is not.

The question was raised in the Answers forums. The list of locations shows the last 5 used locations and cannot be removed manually. The Outlook preferences file has these locations, and removing the preferences would therefore clear the locations. However removing the preferences file would also reset other settings obviously! The file is here: You should quit Outlook and use the defaults delete com.

Outlook terminal command to remove preferences. Example: Because, we need to act quickly, we will meet now. Example: The dog loved food, and, everyone loved the dog. The definite article "the" indicates a specific reference. Certain determiners are used only before countable nouns. Others only occur before uncountable nouns. Example: He is a fastest man of all.

Example: There are much people. Particular endings must follow certain numbers. Ensure that the ending is correct for the number. Example: He finished in 1rd place. Example: Today is November 22th. When needed, modals should occur in the correct tense.

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They express negation without use of another auxiliary, and most do not require the infinitive marker "to". Example: We will shovel if it had snowed. Example: The dog should to be good. Certain sets of modal verbs cannot be used together. Example: Please explain what should can happen. OR Please explain what can happen. Example: They would might never know.

OR They might never know.

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Typically, a comma should not separate a verb from the clause it introduces. Example: Her mother said, that Annabelle and Alex were moving into an apartment together. Example: Her teacher decided, whether I should consult a doctor. With few exceptions, a comma should never separate a verb from its direct object. Example: The list included, the book. Example: The problem is, his unpredictable schedule. Semicolons mainly serve to join two independent clauses without a coordinating conjunction or to separate items in a complex list. Example: Prizes include; cash, cars, and boats.

Example: He wanted to swim; however; it was cold. Use "who" with a noun referring to a human and "which" for non-human nouns. Example: We need assurance that the hikers, which disappeared on Friday, are safe.

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Example: This is the surgeon which will take your vitals today. Use "who" or "whoever" for the subject of a clause. For the object of a verb or preposition, use "whom" or "whomever". Example: He knows that whomever goes will love it. Example: To who did you speak? When an adverb is between a verb and its object, consider moving it. Example: They sing loudly a new song.

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Example: He owes now ten dollars to my classmate. Use simple words wherever possible to present a clear message in an approachable tone.

Example: The magnitude of the problem is overwhelming. Example: The boy will transmit the message. The use of two negative words may be interpreted as indicating a positive.